Introducing the Psoriasis Honey Skin Renewing Serum

You asked for it and we listened! By combining high quality, lightweight luxury oils, we have carefully designed a Skin Renewing Serum that penetrates deep into your skin to deliver nutrients and oils to bring back the elasticity and youth in your skin. What’s great about this serum is that it can be used anywhere on your skin including your scalp, making this an essential product for skin.

How Our Renewing Serum Can Help

We know skin outbreaks can happen out of nowhere. Even when the skin is clear, it is still essential to keep your skin moisturized and develop consistent good habits for hygiene and diet. Our Renewing Serum is a perfect addition to your skincare routine to encourage cell renewal and collagen production.

Unlike other skin serums, our Skin Renewing Serum leaves your skin with a soft and moisturized feeling and does not contain strong exfoliating ingredients that can irritate unaffected skin. Instead, our serum enhances your skin’s ability to repair itself by providing essential fatty acids that lock in moisture and phytosterols that builds skin elasticity.

We don’t use artificial fragrances either. What you smell is a blend of what our luxury oils naturally smell like and natural essential oils that provide a delightful scent.   

What makes our serum unique

In our Renewing Serum, we have purposely selected oils that provide benefits for not only the skin, but also helpful for your hair because we know that healthy scalp = healthy hair!

Using natural oils that contain the right constituents is beneficial because of the variety of skin helper compounds they contain. Let’s learn a little bit more:

Linoleic acids: Also known as omega-6, is one of the essential fatty acids known to reduce acne and provide strength to the skin barrier

Oleic acids: Also omega-9, is intensely moisturizing and keeps moisture from evaporating from the skin. Is found in cell membranes and known to restore the skin’s natural oils.

Tocopherols: Also known as vitamin E, promotes healthy skin functions and a source of antioxidants.

Phytosterols:  Naturally occuring, cholesterol like molecule found in vegetables that encourages collagen production to revive skin.

Flavanols, Catechins, Procyanidin: Strong anti-oxidants that protect skin from free radicals, prevents skin damage and promotes healthy cell growth.

Versatile uses

Scalp: Apply a few drops at a time to your fingers and massage into scalp. Repeat until you have covered the entire desired area. Allow to soak in for at least 15 minutes. You can leave it in or wash it off after.

Hair: Our lightweight formula is perfect for taming flyaways. Just rub a few drops between your palms and comb hands through your hair.

Deep conditioning Treatment: After shampoo, apply conditioner on to your palms and a few drops of Skin Renewing Serum and mix with your fingers. Apply conditioner all over your hair and scalp and let sit in a shower cap for 20-30 minutes. Rinse well and style your hair as usual.

Face: It might seem illogical to apply oil directly to your face (especially if you have oily skin), but our serum helps regulate your skin’s oil production. By introducing the oils that your skin has lost over time, it can help reduce acne-breakouts as well as hydrate dry skin.

Body: The serum can be applied all over your body after cleansing. Add a bit more to extra dry spots and be careful when applying around wounds or open skin. For best results, apply after showering to allow maximum absorption for an extra soft feeling.

Scrub or Mask Additive: Add a few drops of serum with your favorite scrub or face mask, rinse well with warm water and pat dry.

Layered Skin Care: After cleaning your skin, use a toner and apply Psoriasis Honey’s Skin Renewing Serum. Allow to soak in for a few minutes and apply a layer of moisturizing cream.  

Key Ingredients:

  • Cucumber Seed Oil Quick absorbing, moisture retainer, high amounts of phytosterols to revitalize problematic skin
  • Marula Oil Contains antioxidants that protects skin and prevents damage, restore skin balance of oils, hydrates skin
  • Grapeseed Oil Lightweight, acts as an emollient and soothes dry skin
  • Jojoba Oil Skin repairing, hydrating, and protecting
  • Natural Essential Oils A combination of Chamomile, Lavender and Tea Tree Oil provides a pleasant scent along with its soothing properties

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