Guest Blog: How Social Media Manager & Freelance Model Michelle Lee Overcomes Her Psoriasis

This guest interview comes courtesy of Michelle Lee whose work consists of social media management and freelance modelling. She is a Psoriasis Warrior and has made the proper lifestyle adjustments to ensure that psoriasis doesn't get in the way of her goals. Follow her at:

Psoriasis Honey: Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

Michelle Lee: I am 21 years old and currently reside in Los Angeles! I am a social media coordinator for a travel company and a freelance model. Skincare is one of my biggest passions as I have dealt with acne for a long time- and now psoriasis!

Psoriasis Honey: How old were you when you developed psoriasis?

Michelle Lee: 21 years old, I got diagnosed only 3-4 months ago.

Psoriasis Honey: What are some of your known psoriasis triggers?

Michelle Lee: Alcohol… most definitely alcohol. My psoriasis will flare- up within 12 hours after drinking. Stressing out and crying (which I seem to do often) is a trigger as well. Everyone handles stress differently and I tend to really hold my anger and stress inside until I am ready to blow up. I’ve come to know that handling my stress in that manner is really unhealthy and I am working towards changing it.

Psoriasis Honey: How is your day-to-day life affected by psoriasis?

Michelle Lee: In the beginning, I was horrified and didn’t leave my bedroom for quite some time. It made me laugh about the times I’ve cried over some pimples. My whole body just went from flawless skin to …. I changed what I wore and the confidence I had in myself dropped. However, after months of being in a depressed stage, I couldn’t handle hating myself anymore. I just wanted to be happy. And happy didn’t mean looking good for other people, happy meant loving myself no matter what. So, my day to day life isn’t really affected negatively anymore. People still ask me about it, if I have bed bug bites or if I was in a terrible burn. But I laugh it off and ask, “you haven’t seen psoriasis before?? It’s a lot more common than you think!” I wear any type of bikinis I want, any crop tops, in fact I think I tend to show it off a lot more these days. Psoriasis is something I’ll have to monitor for the rest of my life, then I might as well love the process.

Psoriasis Honey: What does your daily skincare routine look like? What are some products that you use routinely?

Michelle Lee: Aveeno!! I fell in LOVE with simple products. Aveeno face washes seem to do great for my pimples and skin complexion. I do use a centella facial mask every night as well (Isaac Kittens Centella Facial Mask). It’s the only thing that seems to help keep the psoriasis from flaring on my face! I also use psoriasis honey skin-renewing cream at night to calm the itch and provide relief.

Psoriasis Honey: What does your diet look like and have you made any adjustments to your diet due to psoriasis?

Michelle Lee: Oh man this one is the HARDEST. I’ve cut out dairy (ok not all…but as much as I can possibly handle) and I’m trying to cut out gluten but I don’t even know what foods really contain gluten (I gotta do some hardcore research). But food? Food is how I relieve my stress, pizza, Chinese, French fries, tacos… I could go on! I’ll take it day by day.

Psoriasis Honey: How did you hear about Psoriasis Honey?

Michelle Lee: Discovered Psoriasis Honey on Instagram! I was doing some research for products and people who are educated around the condition spoke about your product and that is how I came across your profile.

Psoriasis Honey: What kind of results did you see from using Psoriasis Honey?

Michelle Lee: It helps with the itching and definitely soothes my skin! It also helped me go to sleep since I could stop itching my body at night was no longer in discomfort.

Psoriasis Honey: What type of products were you using prior to Psoriasis Honey?

Michelle Lee: Steroid creams. :(

Psoriasis Honey: What is one thing you want friends, family, and followers to know about psoriasis?

Michelle Lee: Don’t be afraid to ask me about it. I’m not going to get offended or freak out. I actually want to educate as many people as I can about the condition! I love myself and I am OK- don’t worry!

Psoriasis Honey: What are your top 3 tips for psoriasis sufferers out there?

Michelle Lee:

  1. LOVE yourself. No matter what. Who cares what people think about you? FOCUS on YOU.
  2. Get some SUN on that skin! Preferably UVB light but tan and go to the ocean.
  3. Never change what you are used to wearing because of you want to hide your skin. Embrace your skin!

Psoriasis Honey: Any suggestions on types of new products you’d like to see from us?

Michelle Lee: I would love to see an ointment or spot cream for people who get psoriasis on their face!

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