5 Shower Tips for Scalp Psoriasis Relief

5 Shower Tips for Scalp Psoriasis Relief

Showers are where we daydream fake-arguments, practice our opera singing, and just destress after a long day. But as you’re humming under the steaming water, your scalp psoriasis may be getting worse! We want showers to be a time to relax. We hope to leave our bathroom feeling good about our hair and skin. Here are some tips for psoriasis relief while still enjoying your haircare time.


  1. Take a Warm Shower Instead of a Hot One.

We’ve all had those long days at work where we want nothing more than to come home to nice hot shower. But, hot showers dry your skin which can cause your psoriasis to flare up! Instead, try taking 5-15 minute room temperature showers. These can allow your hair to feel clean and prevent your scalp from flaring up. That’s still enough time to belt out your favorite show tunes and complete your hair routine. The slightly cooler water will feel refreshing and keep your scalp happy.


  1. Try a Scalp Massager

Ever leave the showering feeling like you missed a spot? That your shampoo didn’t reach all of your scalp so now its left feeling dry? Try out a scalp massager in the shower! Their silicone material is gentle on the scalp while still providing relief. You can use them to access tough to reach areas on your scalp.

They help remove scales and scabs so your products can coat your entire scalp. They’re also great for removing flakes and getting rid of any excess build up in your hair.

An added benefit is that they help relax your scalp muscles which can reduce migraines and stress—both triggers for psoriasis! Here is one option and another potential option, both well received by fellow members of the psoriasis community!


  1. Use a Scalp-calming Shampoo

It can be incredibly frustrating searching for that perfect shampoo in the stores. Lots of regular shampoos are chock full of harmful chemicals that can lead to dry scalps, hair loss, and hair damage. It can be overwhelming to even know where to start searching.

You’re going to want to look for scalp-calming ingredients. For example, our renewing shampoo is full of natural ingredients such as Aloe vera and Argan oil, both high in vitamin E—designed to nourish your hair and soften your scalp. 

When browsing for that perfect shampoo, keep a list of active ingredients that you’ve used in the past. That way you can stay away from irritants and search for helpful added ingredients.


  1. Air-dry Your Hair

Using heat directly on, or near, your scalp can result in irritating your psoriasis. Be careful when using hair dryers, curling irons, and flat irons. It may be best to skip them altogether and let your hair dry naturally.

Here’s one possible post-shower hair care ritual: Gently use a comb through your hair to get out any unwanted flakes. Then add in any of your post-shower treatments such as our moisturizing skin serum.  Use your hands to scrunch or style your hair. Then put it up in a hair bonnet, plop it in a t-shirt, or just leave it down. You can achieve a good hair day without the heat or the itch!

If you’re going to use a hair dryer, try it on its cool air setting instead. It can allow you to dry your hair without the heat triggering your psoriasis. If using a curling or flat iron, turn down the heat to achieve the styled hair without the flair up.

  1. Talk to Your Doctor

Sometimes natural products don’t provide you with enough relief. And that can be completely frustrating. But there are always more options to try. Talk to your dermatologist to determine the best products for your skin. Tell them what’s worked in the past and what has not. They may be able to prescribe you steroid sprays, UVB Light Therapy products, and other medications for treating your scalp psoriasis. There may be some trial and error, but you’ll eventually find the medication or treatment that works for your scalp.



Finding psoriasis relief by yourself can be difficult. But here at Psoriasis Honey you don’t have to take on this journey alone! Join our Facebook group to talk to other members of the psoriasis community about how they combat their scalp psoriasis. Share haircare and shower routines.

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