10 Anti-Inflammatory Snack Recipes

If it feels like the external treatments haven’t been helping, maybe it’s time to change up your diet. Various studies have shown that certain foods can cause inflammation which is a psoriasis-trigger. Increasing your intake of foods with anti-inflammatory properties may reduce the severity of a flare-up. Adding in more fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats (such as fatty fish, nuts, and avocado) can help keep the inflammation at bay.  

But changing up your diet doesn’t mean you have to lose out on delicious snacks. We’ve found some delectable bites that are good for you too! All of these tasty treats are healthy and chock-full of anti-inflammatory ingredients. So whether you’ve got the munchies at home or are craving a snack on the go, here are 10 different snack ideas.

For Those of Us with a Sweet Tooth

Who says sweet treats have to be unhealthy? Here are some mouth-watering snacks that leave both the body and soul happy.

Coconut Flour Banana Ginger Bars

At the heart of these tasty bars are bananas which are anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants which promote immune system health. They also have anti-inflammatory spices such as ginger and cinnamon. These bars are fluffy, light, and can easily be taken on the go!

Avocado Brownies

Think you have to deprive yourself of delectable chocolate? Think again! Cacao is an anti-inflammatory superfood that is full of antioxidants, iron, calcium, and magnesium. And these tasty brownies contains avocado which can calm inflammation and make these brownies gooey and delicious. 

Banana Chocolate Chip Bars

These bars are the best of both worlds as they contain both bananas and cacao! Fruity and chocolatey goodness that’s also healthy? Sign me up! These chewy and delish bars will help satisfy any morning craving.

Vegan Low Carb Carrot Cake with Cashew Coconut Frosting

This moist cake is full of anti-inflammatory vegetables, seeds, nuts, and spices. For example, the frosting contains cashews which are full of fatty acids that are beneficial for reducing flare-ups. So next time you want to indulge yourself on dessert, try this healthy carrot cake recipe! You’ll satisfy that dessert desire while feeling good too. 

Cardamom Vanilla Almonds

A fun twist on a typical nutty snack! Almonds are already a tasty treat containing healthy fats that promote skin and heart health. So why not make them taste even better! Make a big batch of these sweet almonds and store them for up to 2 weeks! You’ll be able to grab yourself a handful whenever you please.

Savory Snacks Galore

Whether you want a savory snack to serve to friends or something you can munch on yourself, here are some recipes we think you’ll enjoy.

10-Minute Spicy Tuna Rolls

Low-carb sushi you can make at home. You’ll be making fatty tuna with a kick, wrapped up in refreshing cucumber. These rolls are easy to make and easy on the carbs too! Become a healthy sushi chef today!

Baked Veggie Turmeric Nuggets

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, these veggie nuggets will have you going back for more! Not only are they full of healthy veggies such as broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower, but they are also seasoned with turmeric. Turmeric is an excellent spice for health because of its anti-inflammatory properties and added health benefits. Serve these tasty nuggets with your favorite paleo dipping sauce.  

Pink Hummus

Chickpeas are a great source of fiber, protein, and antioxidants. And they taste even better as a fun pink dip! The color comes from beets which are also rich in antioxidants.  Blend up chickpeas, beets, and some tasty spices in your food processor. Serve with a veggie platter or pita chips for a filling afternoon snack.

Smoked Salmon Toast

Let’s level up our toast game from avocado toast to smoked salmon pesto toast! Salmon is a fatty fish that has anti-inflammatory properties. Whole-grain toast and delicious smoked salmon are put together for a savory bite with a toasted crunch.

Sweet Potato and Kale Balls

These are tasty bite size snacks with two superfoods as their star ingredients. Sweet potatoes contain anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, and additional medicinal properties. And kale is a great source of amino acids, vitamins A, C, & K, and fiber. And these ingredients make for a scrumptious pair, especially in this recipe!


Continue Your Journey with Psoriasis Honey   

Everyone’s bodies are different. Something that might cause a flare-up for one person may not for another. It’s smart to keep track of any ingredients or foods that cause you flare-ups. That way you can avoid them in the future.

As you embark on your anti-inflammatory food journey, we hope to be there for the ride.

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