4 Benefits of Tracking Your Psoriasis Symptoms

Tracking your psoriasis symptoms may sound exhausting, but what’s even more exhausting is not being able to pinpoint or recognize the root of your flare-ups.
Learning, understanding, and logging patterns in your health, can help determine exactly what triggers and exacerbates it.
So here are the top 4 benefits of tracking your psoriasis symptoms:

1. See how symptoms progress

If you’re not sure where you started, how can you tell where you’re at?

Tracking psoriasis symptoms may prove to be important for several reasons, but knowing and monitoring the timeline of development is amongst the top. 

Psoriasis is a chronic, life-long autoimmune disorder, and living with it is no easy feat. 

Because it’s incurable, one of your only chances at avoiding flare-ups or reducing the severity of them, lies in tracking the progression of your symptoms. 

Tracking your symptoms will allow you to watch for recurring patterns and adjust your choices to better align with the disease.

You might cut back on certain foods or skincare products that seem to be triggering your flare-ups, or you might talk with your healthcare provider and present evidence that’ll change the course of your treatment.

It’s important to begin this early on, as psoriasis has been linked to a number of comorbidities (a second, third, or fourth, etc. simultaneously occurring disease) and any chance to reduce the possibility of developing them is one you’ll want to take. 

According to this study, psoriasis has been linked to arthritis, IBS, and cardiovascular diseases. It has also been linked to mental health conditions such as depression. 

In any case, you’ll want to know exactly how your symptoms are progressing so that you can begin to notice things that do and don’t work, and therefore make the appropriate changes.

2. Notice what does work, and what doesn’t

Easier said than done, but tracking your psoriasis symptoms will allow you to see what does, and doesn’t work with your body. 

This is extremely important, as each psoriasis body reacts differently to certain triggers, and certain amounts of those triggers.

Plus, if you know that something doesn’t elicit a flare-up in you, then why avoid it? 

This, of course, will lead to a life more true to yourself - one that’s governed by you, and not the generalizations that’ve been placed on your body and the autoimmune disorder.

It’ll also lead to better discussions with your healthcare provider who can make more informed decisions based on your reactions to specific things. 

3. Change your routine and monitor the body’s response

Once you’ve collected some information, you’ll start to slowly identify things that trigger your psoriatic flare-ups.

And once you can identify triggers, you can work to avoid them.

When you make note of how certain skincare products or foods react with your body, you can make the conscious decision to either steer clear of them, or experiment with alternatives.

If say, your psoriasis body reacts poorly to a product with cetyl alcohol (a common trigger) you might want to try a product without harsh ingredients - something formulated for those living with psoriasis like the collection of products from Psoriasis Honey.

Understanding what does, or doesn’t work, and then tailoring your routine to amend that will surely lead to substantial improvements in your psoriatic symptoms.

4. Discuss with your doctor

One of the best ways to implement the tracking of your psoriasis symptoms is to bring the findings to your doctor.

I mean, you can’t go in there with nothing to say anyways, right?

Sharing the evidence you’ve gathered with your healthcare provider will allow them to give you more expert advice, and ideally, more proper, and suitable forms of treatment.

Coming prepared with an arsenal of knowledge in terms of your own body and psoriasis can only ever help you.

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