5 Things Every Person with Psoriasis is Sick of Hearing

We’re living in the digital age - a period of time where the answers to so many questions lie at our fingertips. Literally.
Because of this, you’d assume the psoriasis community would be absolved from having to answer so many inquiring minds, but social media and streaming services have reinvented the way almost everyone uses (or misuses) the internet.
This, of course, is the likely explanation as to why so many people living with psoriasis are still subject to these 5 familiar phrases.

psoriasis of hand
1. “What
is that? Can you infect me?” 

Agh. Perhaps the most commonly asked, and most ignorant question there is.

In short, “It’s psoriasis, it’s an autoimmune disorder, and no you can’t catch it.”

Unfortunately, the questions don’t stop there.

Typically, everyone expects a full documented history and analysis of the disease, while standing there, visibly bewildered or disgusted - sometimes a combination of both.

So, imagine having to explain that every time you meet someone. Talk about not wanting to leave the house. 

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2. “You’ll probably grow out of it”

Well, wouldn’t that be nice? If we could outgrow something chronic, life-long, and absolutely debilitating?

I mean, sounds great to me but, uh, science, genetics, and human biology kind of say otherwise.

Unfortunately, psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder, which means that it’s not going anywhere. It’s incurable.

The whole reason it occurs is because the body believes that your own tissues are invaders that must be attacked. So as long as you’re alive and in your own body, it’s sort of impossible.

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3. “Have you tried *X-Y-Z*?”

This one.

Well, let me ask you. If you had a chronic condition that significantly impacted the way you functioned on a daily basis - wouldn’t you try anything and everything?  

I sure hope so.

Yes, I’ve tried the moisturizer. I’ve changed my diet. I’ve sat in the sun. I’ve taken medication. I constantly avoid scratching.  No, I haven’t really gotten around to donating my left kidney yet, but that’s next on the list. 

*Insert eye roll*

The most frustrating thing about this question is that of course we’ve tried everything. It just doesn’t cure it. There are things that might help treat it, certainly, but most people who ask this question, follow it up with “well my sister’s husband’s brother’s cousin’s mother had psoriasis and she tried X-Y-Z and it’s gone. Never came back”.


Psoriasis is never truly gone from the body, it just goes through dormant stages, and what works for one person living with psoriasis, doesn’t always work for the next. We know you mean well, but unsolicited advice is the worst. Thanks, but no thanks. 

chronic sickness and psoriasis
4. “You don’t look sick”

Tell me, what does a sick person look like?

There are many sick people in the world, and I can almost guarantee you that you wouldn’t be able to pick them out of a lineup.

Sickness can refer to a number of things - and it doesn’t always translate to a physical or visible ailment. It also doesn’t mean that you’re chronically or habitually sick.

Chronically ill, maybe. But not all of us are chronically sick and exhibiting symptoms 24/7.

We have our good days and bad days, just like any other person.

embracing psoriasis through confidence
5. “You’re not embarrassed to wear short sleeves?”

Should I be?

I think a lot of us in today’s society have lived in the shadows of others for far too long.
“Well, I wouldn’t want to make them uncomfortable”. But newsflash, if you don’t have a problem wearing short sleeves, why should anyone else have a problem with you doing so?

Society, as the sometimes twisted culture it is, has consistently imposed and perpetuated this idea that we all have to look, talk, act, or dress a certain way to earn the approval or respect of others. 

But if it makes you happy, and doesn’t negatively affect anyone else, then what’s the harm?

The great thing about being your own person, even with psoriasis, is that you’re free to live as true to yourself as you’d like, because that’s the same chance everyone else deserves, right? 

psoriasis honey products
Psoriasis Honey

At our core, we at Psoriasis Honey believe that every body is one that deserves to be loved. 

Psoriasis, albeit a relentless, cruel condition, should not completely overrule your life.

That’s why we created an entire line of scalp and skincare products to help soothe and heal your sore, dry skin.

We stand with you and your loved ones on the journey to finding relief, and we’re here to support and understand you when it seems like no one else does.

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