Style Advice for Psoriasis Patients

Style Advice for Psoriasis Patients

Have you felt like you can't find anything comfortable to wear in recent years? It can be difficult when you feel like your psoriasis is dictating your wardrobe choices. But, what if I say that we've found some ways you can protect your skin and look great all at the same time? All you have to do is remember the basics! Here’s how to feel comfortable in your own skin while rocking your favorite looks.

Underwear & Underwire Woes?

Bras and underwear are supposed to support us not make us uncomfortable! Whether you can’t find relief in underwire or your beloved briefs, we have some tips for you.

Cotton & Silk are your Best Friends:

Underwear is the first layer of protection between your clothes and your skin. You’re going to want to wear something comfortable and protective.

If your current undies are causing irritation, mix up the fabric. Try light, breathable, and non-irritating fabrics such as cotton or silk. They’ll feel great on your skin and won’t trigger inflammation.

Looking for those perfect panties? Here are some options for comfy hypo-allergenic underwear for him and her. They have all kinds of panties, briefs, boxer-briefs and bras that are 100% organic cotton. All of these products are specifically made for people struggling with eczema and psoriasis.  

Apply Ointment or Lotion: Before you pop on any underwear, be sure to moisturize. Moisturizing will help with itching and flaking, and can make you feel better in your clothes. You can try a few drops of a topical ointment or a soothing moisturizer like our Psoriasis Honey Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion. Get under your chest, around your thighs, and any other parts of your body you’re about to cover up. Don’t fret about products ruining your clothing. Wearing undergarments or extra layers will also help prevent lotions and oils from staining your clothes.

Try New Styles: If you find yourself itchy in less than fortunate places, you may need to shake up your underwear brands. For example, if tighter briefs are irritating your skin, try looser fitting boxers. On the other hand, if loose boxers are scratching your thighs, try briefs. Keep playing around with different kinds of underwear until you find the right fit.

It can be an absolute pain finding a bra that both supports your skin and chest.  If you can't find the perfect balance we have a potential solution. Try bra liners. You can wear under your bra to protect your skin. So you can get the support from your normal bras while preventing irritation.

Clothing Troubles?

Layers, Layers, Layers: Weather can be unpredictable. And what’s worse is that seasons affect psoriasis differently. Cold and dry days can dry out your skin, while warm and sunny days can provide relief. But even on warm days, sweat can cause psoriasis flare-ups. So, having multiple layers is very important as they will allow you to respond to fluctuations in temperature. So bring extra layers you can put on and can take off at will. You’ll be able to protect yourself and your skin from the different weather types.

Go for Looser & Less-Constricting Clothing: Clothes that hug the body or restrain movement may not be helping your psoriasis. You’re still going to want to wear clothes that fit well for best results. But, try looser clothes rather than body-contouring ones when styling outfits. 

If you still want to wear tighter fabrics, try adding a smooth layer in-between. That one layer can go a long way in keeping you comfortable while being fabulous.

Let’s Go Lighter:  You want to be wearing light fabrics such as cotton and avoiding heavier fabrics like wool. You need to make sure these fabrics are breathable as well. Otherwise the excess moisture can cause problems. Be sure if you’re exercising to wear fabrics that wick moisture to avoid irritating your skin.

Accessory Problems?

Be Careful of Hair Accessories: If you’re suffering from scalp psoriasis your first thought may be to cover it up. But, that may cause more harm than good and can worsen your pain.  Hard headbands and tight caps can cause inflammation. And tight ponytails can also irritate your scalp. So, if you find that your scalp is irritating you, try letting your hair breathe. If you want to accessorize keep the ponytails and braids loose and if rocking a hat be sure to treat your scalp first. You can even try wearing loose head wraps and scarves. Scarves are great too for draping over your back and neck for coverage as well. As for smaller clips, try to keep them away from direct contact with your scalp.

Make Sure Those Shoes Fit: We all have that decision to make each day we get up for work and each night we go out on the town. Do we wear the fashionable shoes or the comfortable ones? Sadly you may want to leave the cute ones at home. Uncomfortable shoes can exacerbate symptoms. So if the size is off, they rub against your skin, or are falling apart you may have to cut your losses.  If you’re worried a pair of your cute shoes may not make the cut, you may still have an option. Wearing thin socks or stockings can also provide an extra layer of protection for your feet. 

Stockings, Jewelry, & Belts:

What are some ways we can spice up our outfit while still being safe?

If you want to show off your legs while still covering up, try stockings!

If you want to add some shape and dimension to looser clothes, try a belt!

When it comes to jewelry, give it one accessory at a time. Certain materials may irritate your skin, while others won't. So maybe today try a watch, and if that works, try out earrings tomorrow. If metal anklets don’t work, try braided ones, and vice-versa.

Don’t be afraid to rock fun colors, patterns, or sparkles. Let your personal style pop with your favorite accessories.

Bonus Laundry Tip:

Go Fragrance-Free: Keep an eye out for detergent brands with excess dyes or fragrance because they can damage your skin. They can irritate anyone’s skin but are especially rough for individuals with psoriasis. Instead opt for gentle liquid deterrents without all the extra chemicals. And make sure you’re keeping your laundry routine simple. Excess products in your washer or dryer can lead to irritating clothes. 

Comfort & Confidence:

You’ll look your best when you feel your best. So, finding clothes that are comfortable and non-irritating is super important. But most importantly is finding clothes that you still feel confident in. If you want to cover up you should! If you want to show off your skin you should! Try out clothes that don’t irritate your skin while still allowing you to feel your best self. You’ll eventually find the style that works for you!

Psoriasis Honey wants you to be your most confident self. That is why we have an all-natural skin care line designed to help treat psoriasis.

If you find any clothing hacks you want to share, join our Facebook group. Join fellow users as who are also taking this psoriasis-journey one step at a time!

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