How Professional Photographer Lauren Simpson Battles Against Psoriasis

This guest blog feature comes courtesy of Lauren Simpson. Be sure to check out her Instagram and blog!
Instagram: @lauren.simps

Psoriasis Honey: Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

Lauren: Hi! I’m Lauren, a 30-year-old female who grew up in Texas but currently lives in Portland, OR. I was a competitive runner until I was 22 and am currently a photographer. My favorite things are naps and being outside. 

Psoriasis Honey: How old were you when you developed psoriasis? 

Lauren: I had my first break out when I was 10-years-old, but then was clear until I was 19 when I had a huge breakout. Since then it has been an 11-year battle trying to get my skin to calm down. 

Psoriasis Honey: What are some of your known psoriasis triggers?

Lauren: Alcohol, gluten, dairy, stress 

Psoriasis Honey: How is your day-to-day life affected by psoriasis?

Lauren: The reality of living with a skin issue that covers your entire body is something that is hard to put into words. My friends would tell you that I am a confident person who can handle psoriasis. In reality it’s challenging not being able to wear shorts or dresses without feeling self-conscious or some sort of “freak”. This condition often times does take a toll on one’s quality of life. I try to remind myself daily that my skin condition does not define me but some days are harder than others. 

Psoriasis Honey: What does your daily skincare routine look like? What are some products that you use routinely? 

Lauren: I mostly use all-natural products. Goat milk soap for my skin in the shower, followed by a moisturizer (psoriasis honey!) after I get out. For my face, the only thing I’ve found that helps calm down the red flakes is Dermalogica’s ultra calming line. I also love Wild Carrots Borage Butter for a face moisturizer. 

Psoriasis Honey: What does your diet look like and have you made any adjustments to your diet due to psoriasis?

Lauren: I have been working with a naturopath and had a blood and food allergy test done about a year ago. I came back sensitive to dairy, gluten, eggs, and garlic. I have been avoiding dairy, gluten, and eggs since then and only allow myself to have garlic when I am eating out. 

Psoriasis Honey: How did you hear about Psoriasis Honey?

Lauren: I knew about Eczema Honey through Instagram, but didn’t realize there was a Psoriasis Honey brand which I am very excited about! 

Psoriasis Honey: What kind of results did you see from using Psoriasis Honey?

Lauren: My skin is more hydrated and holds the hydration better

Psoriasis Honey: What type of products were you using prior to Psoriasis Honey?

Lauren: Natural lotions

Psoriasis Honey: What is one thing you want friends, family, and followers to know about psoriasis?

Lauren: It’s hard to explain to family and friends the physical, emotional, and mental toll psoriasis can take on someone. I think the biggest thing is to understand that even when someone with psoriasis seems okay or confident, it can be really hard at times. Allow them to have a safe space to talk and cry it out when they are struggling.

Psoriasis Honey: What are your top 3 tips for psoriasis sufferers out there?

Lauren: Get some sunshine, try avoiding gluten, be gentle with yourself.

Psoriasis Honey: Any suggestions on types of new products you’d like to see from us?

Lauren:  A moisturizer strictly for the face! Also, I would be curious to see what the team could come up with in terms of products for scalp psoriasis!

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