6 Places to Connect with the Psoriasis Community

Relationships are an integral part of the human experience, and bonding with those around us leaves us feeling supported and fulfilled.
For those living with a chronic condition, however, seeking your tribe isn’t always easy - but it is worth it.
Connecting with others who share your  journey may help eliminate doubts, fears, and uncertainties, and change the way you view yourself, and in turn, the world around you.
We want to help you get there, so here are 6 places to connect with the Psoriasis Community. 

psoriasis and instagram community

1. Instagram

Instagram is a free social platform that houses over a billion users. 

It allows individuals to share images and videos, with features that allow you to comment on posts, or directly message other people. 

Widely known for its hashtags, Instagram utilizes the ‘#’ symbol in combination with relevant keywords or phrases to help tie content to a specific topic, theme, event, or conversation. 

If you’re looking to connect with the psoriasis community for example, try browsing some of the more popular hashtags on the platform like: #psoriasis, #psoriwarrior, #psoriasiscommunity, and #psoriasisawareness.

Once you discover photos, videos, or even users that you like, feel free to give them a follow, and their content will begin to show up in your feed!

Sounds cool, right?

If you want a head start, we already compiled a brief list of the 5 Best Psoriasis Instagram Accounts to Follow.

facebook & psoriasis community

2. Facebook

When you think of Facebook, you think about friends and family, right?

That’s because Facebook was initially intended as a social networking platform that could connect you to those people. 

And it still is - but now, there are existing features that allow you to connect with different communities across the globe. 

Cue Facebook Groups. Facebook groups are a great place to communicate about shared interests with certain people.

And according to Facebook itself, “You can create a group for anything your family reunion, your after-work sports team or your book club”.

Groups like the “Psoriasis Support Group” which houses over 29K members, and “Overcoming Psoriasis” which houses 28K are great ways to connect and engage with other individuals living life with psoriasis.

kopa & psoriasis community

3. Kopa

A relatively new platform for connecting with the psoriasis community is Kopa.

It’s an app available on Google Play and the App Store, and is intended to provide personalized tips and expert insights, all while allowing you to connect with other psori-warriors. 

Its features include a daily stress tracker, a daily poll, and a forum where you can post updates, exchange advice, or even share pictures. 

It’s also an incredibly easy platform to access and use, and an even easier one to learn. 

reddit & psoriasis community
4. Reddit

You may have heard about Reddit before. It’s a network of communities based on people’s interests. 

It allows users to create and comment on posts, discuss topics and ideas, and vote on content that other users have submitted. 

Reddit lovingly refers to itself as “the front-page of the internet” and aims to target large audiences with viral news and videos. 

Subreddits, or communities within the site exist to appeal to certain communities - the psoriasis community being one of them.

In this section of the site, you’ll find individuals with psoriasis discussing everything from psoriasis and its relation to caffeine, and psoriasis in relation to COVID-19.

It’s a great place to connect with over 22,000 (and growing) users.

the national psoriaisis foundation & community
5. The National Psoriasis Foundation

Not so much a social media networking platform, but the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF)  is still a great resource to those who have it.

Focused primarily on education, the NPF also offers several ways to connect and get involved for those who have, or want to learn more about psoriasis.

There’s even a peer connections section dedicated to helping those living with psoriasis fight off another commonly shared battle - isolation. 

The NPF also holds yearly community conferences to foster support, establish and build connections, and educate the public. 

psoriasis honey and community
6. Psoriasis Honey

While we may be a small business, we’re also a close-knit community.

Supporting each other and building together is the foundation to any good relationship and that’s why we want to be a part of your life.

We want to hear from you! So check us out and feel free to say hello on Instagram at @psoriasishoney or on TikTok @psoriasis.honey!

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