5 Best Psoriasis Instagram Accounts to Follow

Needing some daily inspiration or encouragement from others living with psoriasis? Whether you’re here to find your tribe or simply learn more, we’re bringing you the 5 best psoriasis Instagram accounts to follow in 2021. 

@judeavrilduncan & psoriasis1. @judeavrilduncan

Kicking off the list at number one is Jude Duncan aka @judeavrilduncan, a psoriasis warrior from Glasgow.

As both an advocate and educator, Jude’s feed consists of a variety of content that allows you to see inside the life of someone living with this chronic condition. 

In a recent Instagram post, Jude describes her two-year-long battle with embarrassment after being diagnosed in 2013. She recalls “only put[ting] half [her] face in photos to hide the growing psoriasis.”

Years later, Jude credits the #psoriasiscommunity with being there for her when she needed them the most. You know what they say… strength in numbers!

@meadowsonmyskin & psoriasis2. @meadowsonmyskin

Next up on the list is 23-year-old Georgia Harris from East Yorkshire, known online as @meadowsonmyskin.

Much like Jude, Georgia uses her social media platform to educate the public and inspire others.  

Georgia’s content ranges from motivating quotes and psoriasis facts, to personal experiences and life advice.

In one of her latest Instagram posts, she reminds everyone who’s feeling lost or ashamed that they’re not alone.

And for anyone wanting to reach out, learn more, or find support, Georgia often tags psoriasis accounts and organizations in her photos.  

@psoriasis_thoughts & psoriasis & instagram

3. @psoriasis_thoughts

If you’re looking to connect with others, or simply share your story, be sure to check out Reena, the mastermind behind @psoriasis_thoughts.

Reena uses her platform to organize “Psoriasis Warrior Meetups” and also features those with psoriasis in a segment called “Psoriasis Warrior Chat”.

You can check out her latest talk here, where she and guest star Jassem discuss relationships, dating, and treatments, all in good humor and heartwarming vulnerability.


4. @_restingitchface

Annelyse over at @_restingitchface empowers the chronically ill community through art.

Among her feed, you’ll find many of her own digital sketches and drawings demonstrating the thoughts behind, and struggles of, those with lifelong, persistent conditions.

In addition to her impressive art, Annelyse curates thoughtful captions that express the stigma around chronic illness, and the toll it takes on mental health.

@national.psoriasis.foundation & psoriasis & instagram5. @national.psoriasis.foundation

And at number five, we bring you the @national.psoriasis.foundation

This national, nonprofit's mission is to “drive efforts to cure psoriatic disease and improve the life of those affected.”

With easy to read and engaging content, you may find yourself learning a lot more than you expected to.

It’s certainly a place to expand your knowledge, ask questions, and make connections to those around you.

Find Your Relief

As always, we want your experience with psoriasis to be the most comfortable it can be.

Living with a chronic condition is frustrating and exhausting, and you deserve to be happy in your own skin.

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