5 Ways to Avoid a Psoriatic Flare-up

Avoiding a psoriatic flare-up may seem impossible. 
And that’s partly because it’s so difficult to understand what causes them.
But while doctors, scientists, and researchers have suggested that triggers can be individualistic, they’ve also reported that many of them are universal.
So in an attempt to avoid (or at the very least), minimize the severity or frequency of a psoriatic episode, let’s discuss the top 5 things of importance.

understanding psoriasis trigger
1. Learn your triggers

The first order of business is learning your triggers. And though easier said than done, it’s an investment you’ll want to make.  

Psoriasis flare-ups are caused by a number of biological and environmental factors, but the severity and duration of them are largely dependent on the individual.

Some psoriasis sufferers, for example, find that consuming gluten doesn’t pose a huge problem, while suntanning for extended periods of time does. 

Others find that suntanning actually helps, but they have to avoid gluten at all costs. 

Playing around with changes to your daily routine, and making note of how your body responds to them, are important steps in learning to avoid nasty flare-ups.

psoriasis and food and diet
2. Watch your food

Food is everything. And I mean, literally everything.

It has such a profound effect on your health and your life. 

In those living with psoriasis, research suggests that food has the potential to affect the disease in more ways than one.

Nutrition, as well as obesity have been linked to the onset and severity of psoriasis. 

Obesity has the potential to lead to other common comorbidities like type 2 diabetes and heart disease, while certain foods are more likely to trigger psoriasis symptoms and flare-ups.

Studies show that these foods range from red meat and nightshades to alcohol and gluten, so be sure to incorporate a psoriasis-friendly diet

psoriasis and sunburns
3. Get some sun, but not too much

Ah, the warmth of the sun. Arguably, one of the happiest feelings in the world. 

But also, one of the most controversial for those living with psoriasis. 

The sun is wonderful, but also harsh and more times than not you’ll probably overdo it. 

Sunburns, according to researchers, can actually trigger some of the meanest psoriatic flare-ups as they amplify damage to preexisting irritated skin - think increased redness, swelling, and inflammation

Be sure to limit your sun exposure, stay in a shaded area, or wear your sunscreen if you’re headed outside! 

caring for psoriatic skin
4. Take care of your skin

This one seems pretty obvious. 

I mean chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re probably living with psoriasis, or another skin condition which almost certainly translates to already caring for your skin.

But maintenance, routine, and consistency are all key factors in improving your condition and decreasing the chance of inducing a flare-up.

Symptoms tend to worsen when your skin is dry, so be sure to keep it hydrated with thick lotions, creams, and gels.

If you’re looking for a good skincare regimen, we’ve got you (pun-intended) covered. Check it out by clicking here!

psoriasis and stress
5. Reduce unwanted stress

Stress kills. 

And while it may not result at the initial onset, it certainly can after years of slow, gradual growth.

Over time, stress causes irreversible damage to the body that can lead to premature death. 

It can present itself as cardiovascular issues, unhealthy eating habits, or alcohol use, which already all have ties to psoriasis - so taking steps to reduce underlying stress may help avoid a flare-up and help you live longer. 

psoriasis honey skincare
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