Top 5 Psoriasis Myths

When seeking out information about psoriasis, you're bound to come across tons of conflicting opinions. Let's settle some of these debates once and for all by debunking five common myths about psoriasis. 

Is psoriasis contagious?

1. Psoriasis is Contagious

Head on over to any popular search engine and type in, “Is psoriasis…” 

You may be surprised to find that the number one asked question is whether or not psoriasis is contagious.

The short answer is no. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder, also classified as a skin disease.

Now before you take off running with that one, psoriasis is not at all contagious or infectious. This means that you cannot get it from shaking hands or sharing drinks, and it’s certainly not transmissible like a viral infection.

So how do you get it?

After decades of research, medical doctors agree that the immune system and genetics play significant roles in the development and progression of psoriasis. Scientists are still unsure of its exact cause, but have ruled out the idea that it is purely cosmetic in origin. 

Which brings us to our next myth...

Difference between psoriasis and dry skin?

2. Psoriasis is Just Dry Skin

Well, yes and no. A side effect of psoriasis is dry skin (though it’s not the only one).

Psoriasis is both chronic and persistent, meaning that most “treatments” will only provide temporary relief. Countless lotions and creams are targeted at soothing psoriasis, but only very few of them deliver long-lasting, meaningful results. Ever try on a lotion and your skin is bone-dry ten minutes later? Yeah, it’s the worst.

In fact, we hated it so much that we developed a solution. The Psoriasis Honey Skincare Line - an entire collection of products made from the highest quality ingredients.

Our products contain blends of the most sought-after natural moisturizers in the world. That’s right, aloe vera and honey have been healing bodies both internally and externally for centuries.

Can Psoriasis be Treated with Diet?

3. Psoriasis Can Be Treated With Diet

If honey and aloe vera are so good for you, then it must matter what you put in your body, right?

Right. Many psoriasis users find that they can curb flare-ups by eating heart-healthy foods such as chicken, fish, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

So why is this one still a myth? Because psoriasis can only be improved through diet, not cured by it! We’ve all heard it. Try the paleo, the whole30, become vegetarian, vegan, cut out all your sugar - oh wait, that doesn’t work? Try the carbs, it’s definitely the carbs. I mean, what do you have to do, eat ice cubes the rest of your life?

Thanks to science, we know that psoriasis can only be improved through diet, but never fully cured. So don’t be too tough on yourself.

Is all Psoriasis the same?

4. Psoriasis is Psoriasis

Isn’t it all the same?

Not quite. There are actually 7 different types of psoriasis: plaque, scalp, nail, guttate, inverse, pustular, and erythrodermic. It is estimated that roughly 7.5 million Americans suffer from plaque psoriasis alone, making it the leading type of psoriasis in the world.

How do you tell them apart?

Fortunately, all 7 types are easily distinguishable by their unique appearances. And though they may appear differently on the surface, all of them share very similar features such as red patches, dry flakes, and splitting skin. 


Is psoriasis curable?

5. Psoriasis is Curable

If you’ve stuck around this long, you already know the answer to this one.

While psoriasis can be managed and improved through lifestyle changes like diet and stress management, it cannot be fully cured. Beware of products and schemes that offer life-long banishment to this chronic disease. 

While there may be no ctrl+alt+del for psoriasis, choosing happiness and self-love, celebrating the small victories, and living one day at a time, may just help unlock a portion of the cure you’re seeking.

Make Psoriasis Honey a Part of Your Routine

While we understand that psoriasis is not a curable condition, there are still ways to treat, manage, and mitigate the severity of it. At Psoriasis Honey, we’ve developed an extensive lineup of products to do just that. Don’t let your psoriasis hold you back from the things you love. Check out our top-rated Psoriasis Honey products today.

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