Guest Blog: How Maicie Ramirez Beats Psoriasis in Her Daily Life

Psoriasis Honey’s Guest interview with Maicie Ramirez who blogs on:

PH (Psoriasis Honey) : What was it like growing up with Psoriasis? 

Maicie: I developed psoriasis 10 months ago, so my journey has really just begun. I’ve felt quite confident in my 20s and it definitely humbled me, but I made a promise to myself to not rob myself of loving the body I’m in and hiding away. It’s hard at times though and takes a toll on my mental health to embrace it.


PH: What age did you develop psoriasis at? Is it genetic? 

Maicie: My plaque and inverse psoriasis started one month before I turned 23 years old. I have had psoriasis now for one year. My mom has a rather severe case of guttate, but she didn’t develop it until her 30’s. I have family members who have psoriasis and we traced the connection to my mom’s paternal grandma who suffered with autoimmune disease. So I have a genetic history of the disease within my family. 


PH What are your psoriasis triggers? 

Maicie: Stress is notably a trigger, as well as some food groups.


PH How is your day to day life affected by  psoriasis? 

Maicie: Psoriasis has forced me to adopt a new lifestyle and changed my view on how to approach things. Being in my 20’s, it’s normal to want to enjoy junk food, alcohol, off schedule sleep, and even scents of body washes and perfume. It’s also normal to bend the rules and not follow a strict routine at this stage of my life. However; due to my psoriasis, I have to think about the immediate consequences my actions will have on my health. Whether this be diet, exercise, or health related actions. I have trained myself to be disciplined in how I care for myself, such as being cautious in what I put in and on my body. 


PH: What does your daily skincare routine look like? What specific products do you use and can’t live without? 

Maicie: I am very into facial skincare even before I was diagnosed with psoriasis, so a lot of my knowledge has translated into a psoriasis skincare routine. I am more aggressive with my skincare routine if I’m having a bad flare-up, but regardless I try to do treatments at least once a week. 

These include a bath, a facial mask, or an exfoliant on my body. Followed by these once a week treatments I apply a moisturizer daily. Psoriasis Honey is the first psoriasis-focused line I’ve purchased and fell in love with--even my mom loves their products for her severe psoriasis. I take my Skin-Renewing Cream everywhere and apply it before I go out if I’m showing any skin and like it because it immediately reduces the appearance of my scales. My baths usually include the Oatmeal and Aloe Bath Bomb or Soothing Bath Soak. I really enjoy these products because they are calming and soothing to my skin. I also add some drops of the Nourishing Skin Serum to my skin or scalp if I’m feeling itchy and want to smell heavenly. 

Other lines that I keep at hand are CeraVe (particularly their body wash for rough and bumpy skin), and The Ordinary’s deep sea mud mask. I like The Ordinary facial products specifically their Glycolic Toner which I use as a chemical exfoliant for my scales! 


PH: What are your top 3 skin concerns? 


1) Red/scaly skin

 2) Flaky skin

 3) Dry skin 

PH: What does your diet look like? Have you found certain foods to help improve your  psoriasis? Are you allergic to anything in particular that triggers your  psoriasis? 

Maicie: This is an area I continuously explore.  I’ve followed the Pagano diet mostly in 2020, but it’s been challenging to adapt into my day to day life.  I avoid gluten, dairy, eggs, nightshades, citrus, peanuts, alcohol, red meat and seafood as much as I can. I haven't been able to pinpoint the root cause for my flare-ups, but I am trying to! I have noticed my skin becomes more irritated and itchy when I consume nightshades and with wine. I also love the cold-pressed juices that are arguably crucial to the Pagano diet. 


PH: How did you hear about our brand? 

Maicie: I think my phone was listening to me and your advertisements started popping up on my Facebook and Instagram shortly after I developed psoriasis! :)


PH: What type of products did you use prior to psoriasis honey? 

Maicie: I like most fragrance-free lotions and CeraVe products. Psoriasis Honey is really the only psoriasis-focused line I’ve come across that seemed worth investing in for my particular skin concerns. 


PH: What is your favorite product in our line and why? 

Maicie: Easily the Skin-Renewing Cream, because it absorbs quickly, feels and smells amazing, and immediately softens my scales. I put it on every time I go out and when my spots are showing. It helps soften my scales and removes the white build up that shows on my skin. It’s an aesthetically pleasing product and the perfect size to keep in my purse and apply in a social setting when needed. 

PH: Did you see a difference in your skin condition after using our products? What results did you see? 

Maicie: I wouldn’t say that Psoriasis Honey has lessened my psoriasis, but I did not purchase it with that in mind. It has maintained the overall health of my skin and soothes my psoriasis. The formulation is clean, fragrance-free, and gentle which I love about this brand. 

PH: Any suggestions in terms of any new products that you would like to see from PH? 

Maicie: I’m obsessed with face masks, so  you’ve got your first customer here if you come out with one! Also a larger size of the Skin-Renewing cream would be a great option for people who use more product and are applying it often. 

PH: How has it been talking about your psoriasis with your friends, family, followers? 

Maicie: People in my life have been very supportive and accepting of it. The only times I’ve been asked about it from (always guys, go figure) and friends. People just don’t know what it is or assume I’ve scabbed my knees. It’s important to surround yourself with people who accept you for who you are and embrace it. 

PH: What advice would you give to people who are also suffering with psoriasis? 

Maicie: Psoriasis is a mental, emotional, and physical journey that is unique, unfortunate, and full of silver linings. You will have to make some lifestyle changes depending on the severity of your condition. Skincare will become an investment as well as health/wellness. Remember with all the changes that you are still  likeable. It’s easy to agree that #psoriasissucks, but as I always dare to say…maybe #psoriasisissexy 


This topic was very interesting & give me more in sight of the product that I want too purchase for a while already.i have psoriasis on my bottom legs.i cannot wear a shorts,I have a few spots here & there….

Roger September 02, 2020

Maicie thank you for sharing. I have been dealing with this going on 12 years. I am so frustrated. It’s all over the palm of my hands and all over on the bottom of my feet. There are days I feel like their own fire and I can hardly walk. I have done every shot and pulls and creams. I am so depressed and frustrated.

Annie Gay September 02, 2020

I’m really motivated by your story. I just turned 29 and I’ve been suffering with Psoriasis for 9 years. It’s gotten better and then worse. I was introduced to this product by my sister. I just placed my order today and looking forward to using the product. Thanks for sharing your story, it truly does motivate me to continue to accept my skin and move forward. Thank you!

Francisco Carrillo September 02, 2020

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