A Letter to Those Who Have Psoriasis (And Those Who Don't)

Hey Psori-Warrior, you hanging in there? 
For some of you, it’s been a life-long battle. And for others, you’re just beginning, or maybe you don’t have it at all. But whether you’re a long-time veteran, just recently diagnosed, or here in support of someone you love… welcome.

Charles Bukowski, the famous German-American poet and novelist once said, “What matters most is how well you walk through the fire” and ain’t that the truth?

psoriasis difficulties

It gets hard.

There are going to be days where you don’t feel like getting out of bed, and any attempt made will feel like one of most difficult things in the world. 

But guess what? That’s human. That’s to be expected, and that’s okay. Your body is fighting itself on a daily basis. Don’t let your mind do it too.

There will be times where you feel defeated, hopeless, and at your wits end - it’s normal, we promise you. 

Nobody in this world, chronically ill or not, is going to be happy all the time. Break down, cry it out, do what you need to do, but for the love of your health and everything holy, don’t drown in the sorrows you bottle up. 

Find comfort in knowing that while you may not have control over your psoriasis, you do have control over your relationship with it, and that’s an extremely powerful thing.

mindset and psoriasis
Mind over matter. 

Easier said than done, we know.  

But let us tell you a little story about mindset.


In a groggy haze, Barbara turns over in her warm, cozy sheets, and peaks at the clock. 

7:30am?! The stupid thing never even went off!

Jolting out of bed, she sprints to the bathroom, nearly twisting her ankle as she slips on the floor.

Rushing through her morning routine, she curses the alarm clock along with the entire world for being so cruel. How could this happen? It’s going to be an awful day.

Skipping breakfast, Barbara runs out and jumps in her car. She makes it to the end of her street only to find a slow-moving line of buses in either direction. 

Groaning with impatience, Barbara calls her boss and explains the situation, assuring her that she’ll be there as soon as possible. An hour later, she makes it to the office and she’s brewing with anger. It ruins the rest of her day. 


Sounds familiar, right? Because we’ve all been there - either with psoriasis or not. It sucks.

But imagine if Barbara responded differently.

And we know what you’re thinking, how could you possibly even consider responding differently when you stand up 7 times and get knocked down 8? Consider this, though. 

In the very waking moment that Barbara found herself late, she had one of two options: 1. To make the best of what she didn’t have the power to control, or 2. To wallow in self-pity and sabotage her entire day. 

It’s never easy when things don’t go as planned. But you can’t beat yourself up over it either. Because no amount of anger or regret will turn back time, or undo what’s been done. 

The fact is - Barbara’s alarm clock never went off. And you know what else? She also wasn’t behind the wheel of the buses. In those situations, she was helpless. The only power she had, was the power in the way she responded.

Now apply that to your relationship with psoriasis. 

Maybe you’re on your 10th fad diet of the month, and you’ve tried every medication in the books, yet you’re feeling so defeated.

Like we said, it’s impossible to be the happiest person all the time, but attempting to approach every day with optimism, and an open heart and mind will set you in the right direction. 

Maybe Barbara was so inside her own head that she missed out on some beautiful blue-jays perched upon a tree branch, and maybe when you throw in the towel and say you’re giving up on psoriasis, you’re shutting down the potential to attract new ideas and opportunities.

It’s hard. It really is. But if science tells us we can’t cure psoriasis, then we have to find a way to improve our relationship with it.

Life is beautiful. It’s worth living and taking advantage of all the small things that make it so great.

happiness and psoriasis
You are wonderful.

Psoriasis doesn’t make you any less of a person, it shouldn’t alter your desire to be happy, or to live loudly and proudly. 

Psoriasis is a condition that you have, not a condition that you are. And allowing it to define you, allows it to consume you. 

Work on changing your mindset, seek out support, cry when you need to, but come back strong, come back courageous - you can do it. If things don’t go your way, try and try again.

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