7 Tips for Loving Yourself in Your Own Skin

According to Web MD, more than 7 million Americans live with psoriasis. Psoriasis can take a toll on one’s self-esteem and quality of life. While medical science has yet to find a cure, mental health professionals and those who study the art of wellbeing have found many ways to gain confidence and make living with psoriasis more manageable through self care and self love.

1. Know that you are not alone

As mentioned above, more than 7 million people also suffer from this condition. There are many other skin conditions that affect social confidence and sense of wellbeing. Many, if not most, have struggled with acne. That means people are likely to be more understanding than you might realize. Those who accept you despite a skin condition are much more valuable friends than those who would not- and psoriasis makes it possible to sort out the two.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others

There is only one you in this whole world. As we grow older, most of us gradually accept that the face we see in the mirror is not who we are inside. It would be helpful if we could develop this wisdom sooner than later. The earlier we learn that appearances do not reflect our true value or our true nature, the sooner we will gain the confidence to be our full and complete selves. 

3. Be thankful for the beautiful things in life

At certain points in life, being still is the best move. Sitting and listening to the sound of raindrops on the roof, watching the wind move through the trees, enjoying the companionship of a beloved pet – these are all invitations and opportunities to be thankful for the beauty that is all around us. Scientists have found that those who choose to be thankful are not just more content, but they have healthier brains as well. Take the time to notice beautiful things and be willfully glad for them. It’s a habit that can grow into many aspects of your life.

4. Meditation

Every living person on Earth deals with something scientists, mental health professionals, and meditation experts call “automatic thoughts.” These thoughts are often triggered by memories or expectations of socially discomforting events. Psoriasis is precisely the sort of thing that can trigger brutal bouts with unpleasant automatic thoughts.

The key to dealing with these persistent anxiety-producing thoughts is to realize that they are not you. They are more of a biological process, like your pulse, or your digestion. They are the brain attempting to protect you from danger preemptively.

Meditation is a way to cope with these thoughts in a focused manner. Sit and concentrate on your breathing. When anxiety-producing thoughts arise, simply watch them as if they are passing clouds noting they can come and go without consequence if you do not cling to them.

5. Establish a specialized skin care routine

Your skin- like your mind- is wholly unique from that of every other person on Earth. This is part of the reason certain skin conditions can be so hard to treat. What works for one person will not always work for someone else. Begin by following the best available skin care advice such as using a gentle cleanser, sunscreen, and a heavy moisturizer. 

Make a record of what seems to help and what does not. Keeping a skin diary might be a great help. As you discover what works best for you, stick to it. You need to become an expert on your own skin. Over time, you’ll depend less on “experts,” because you’ll be an expert on your unique skin. 

6. Do what you enjoy

Some people ride skateboards well into their latter years. Some find joy in painting. Others find they love being around children more than anything else. If there is something you love, some favorite activity- especially one that life has somehow kept you away from- let this be the time to turn to it fully. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too old or not good enough. This isn’t about them- it’s about you.

7. Be true to yourself

Finally, accept who you are, and respect your uniqueness. Do this by knowing that you are not alone and refusing to hold yourself to the apparent standards of others. Be thankful for the subtle and the overt beautiful things all around us. 

Take the time to meditate and prove to yourself that painful thoughts and feelings are not who you are- but that they are like a kind of internal weather. 

Know that your skin is completely unique- and only you are qualified to become an expert in its care.

Be true to yourself, take time to follow your passions, and know that those who love you despite a skin condition are the finest friends a person could have.










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