5 Herbs to Help Combat Psoriasis

Before modern medicine, the world relied on mother earth to provide natural solutions for real-world problems. Today, we’re discussing 5 different herbs, long admired for their transformative healing properties.

turmeric and psoriasis
1. Turmeric

Turmeric -- the latest trending superfood in mainstream media. 

Turmeric is a rhizome (from the underground stem of a plant) that has been used in culinary dishes and naturopathic medicine around the world for centuries.

Praised for its natural ability to fight inflammation, turmeric’s active ingredient, curcumin, can alter gene expression according to the World Psoriasis Foundation.

This means that implementing turmeric as a part of your daily lifestyle may help decrease psoriatic symptoms and flare-ups.

Also used to help heal wounds and treat acne scars, turmeric's benefits are seemingly endless.

fish oil and psoriasis
2. Fish Oil

Important to many bodily functions, you’re probably familiar with this popular supplement.

Research suggests that omega-3s (found in fish oil) can help improve brain health and eye function, decrease anxiety and depression, reduce your risk for serious health conditions like heart disease and cancer, and of course, fight inflammation.

In fact, one study on the efficacy of fish oil on those living with psoriasis found a “clear and significant improvement” over an 8-week period. 

aloe vera and psoriasis
3. Aloe Vera

Believed to have soothing, antibacterial properties, aloe vera may be a solution worth seeking.

Aloe Vera is said to keep the skin hydrated while providing a cooling, soothing sensation, which is just what dry, sore, cracked skin needs.

In a 2010 study on psoriasis and aloe vera gel versus steroid cream, researchers found that while both the gel and cream had promising results, aloe vera was slightly more effective on psoriasis. 

That’s why we, at Psoriasis Honey, include aloe vera in almost all of our products. You can click here to see our full list of wholesome ingredients.

vitamin d and psoriasis
4. Vitamin D

“Wait -- didn’t you say that Vitamin D was bad at one point?” 

Well no, not quite.

If you’ve been with us for a while, you may have seen our blog about 5 ways to tackle psoriasis

In it, we discuss the dangers of over-exposing yourself to the sun. And one of the largest concerns with doing so is getting a nasty sunburn.

While we probably all agree that sunburns are the worst, nothing’s worse than pairing that with psoriatic skin.

This study suggests that taking Vitamin D supplements may help reduce not only the “clinical severity [of psoriasis], but also cardiac risk factors and psoriasis comorbidities”. 

oregon grape and psoriasis
5. Oregon Grape

Recognized by the National Psoriasis Foundation, Mahonia Aquifolium (Oregon Grape), is a “powerful antimicrobial herb that plays a role in immune response”.

In fact, a review of several studies on the correlation between this herb and psoriasis showed statistically significant data in support of its use.

The studies conclude that their trials showed not only “significant improvements of symptoms in psoriasis and atopic dermatitis [but also] with minimal side effects.

In Review

Whether you’re a believer in natural medicine or not, the evidence is undeniable. 

Leading a healthy lifestyle plays a significant role in managing the frequency and severity of one's psoriasis. 

While we encourage you to talk with your healthcare professional to determine a regiment that’s best for you, we’re here to help with all your skincare needs. 

Click here to view our collection of products, specifically formulated with natural, safe ingredients in mind. 

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